What To Do With Heirloom Clothes/Fabric

Flora is my brothers’ grandmother. I never met her but I knew her clothes because I could play dress up in them when I was a girl, because Flora was a tiny woman. She also dressed fabulously. There was one robe everyone in my family loved. When I started transforming my maternity clothes  I began looking at all clothes as opportunities. When I looked at Flora’s robe I realized none of us were ever going to wear it. Too small! But what if there was a way to give a piece of her robe to everyone on the family? I made myself a headscarf.


Elro got a bonnet.

47DEB35E-C4FB-4D01-BD98-C1AD56DF8AB6.jpegMy brother got a Christmas tree ornament (in the shape of a horse because it’s his awesome girlfriend’s favorite animal) — as well as an ornament I made from a picture of Elro in her bonnet — and I’m working on a tie for my other brother right now! All of these items feel extra special because we’re all able to have a piece of the robe. It’s kind of magical and I highly recommend it!

❤️ Rae


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