Don’t Say THIS —

I was going to entitle this article don’t say this to people with mental illnesses, but it goes for every disorder — for every PERSON. These are all statements people have said to me. Please don’t say them to anyone. ❤



Don’t say this:

It’s selfish to feel the way you’re feeling.

You seem to always have a problem.

You ruined Christmas (or the weekend or the moment or WHATEVER)

You seem manic/depressed to me.

Aren’t you over this yet?

You’ll outgrow this. 

Don’t have children — your books can be your children.

Your problems aren’t real problems.

Oh, I get depressed all the time and it’s kinda annoying.


Please let me know what you’d add to this list!



Holiday Photos

It was Elro’s first birthday, Passover AND Easter. We had so much fun. I switched one medication to another medication (benzos) and developed a rash so I had to switch back. It was a weird, painful, rash — it felt like I was being rained on constantly. That was my only “symptom” as a person with bipolar disorder during the holidays, other than a bit of anxiety, which means the meds I’m on are working well together and I am deeply grateful for that because I get moments like these. They are worth fighting for. First ladybug, first birthday…the unicorn cookies are from Azucar in Ocean Beach and I served them for my baby shower.





How I Spruced Up Medication Time

I’m a firm believer in routine, and I just changed mine up when it comes to when and how I take my pills. 

Morning: I used to forget my morning pills because I’d jump out of bed to take care of my baby. One of the first things I do every morning is have iced green tea. Before I take my first sip I now go back to my room, unlock my lock box filled will pills and take my morning dosage. I haven’t forgotten to take them  in weeks and it starts the day off on a good — properly medicated! — foot.

Night: I used to hate taking my pills when I was on seroquel because I hated that can’t -breathe feeling. It’s easier now but I still have to pamper myself or negativity seeps in. (You know, the why-do-I-have-to-take-this, why-is-sleep-so-difficult-for-me, waa-waa-waa!)  I wait until it’s time to get in my favorite pajamas, then I drink a mocktail (usually mint lemonade) in a pretty glass. It feels like a treat after my long day. I use a Monday through Sunday box (locked up, of course) so there is very little to think about. My mom calls my lock box “Rae’s Pink Pharmacy.”

Using special drinks at special times has really helped my routine. If you have any routines for taking your pills, please let me know!

Here are some pictures of my daughter in our garden!

Medication Check In

I’m so happy to report that my medication change was a success. I am now sleeping through the night without feeling like I’m suffocating. It’s kind of a miracle. Other miracles right now?

Painting by Gamani Ratnavira.