What I Learned At Zoeglossia

“You are really, really, not alone.” — My Blue Heaven

This past weekend was full of zoom calls as I was accepted to be a fellow at Zoeglossia, a community of poets with disabilities.

It’s hard enough to find poets in your everyday life, more so other disabled people, so this combination rocked my world.

I was privileged to join the space and talk about literature and my place in the world. A day before Zoeglossia started I was planning on going outpatient because I had reached a point in my postpartum depression where I believed I needed extra help. After using my brain to think about poems, listen to amazing poets I relate to, I feel included and no longer feel I need outpatient therapy.

It’s still on the table but I think if I continue to read, write and talk to my new totally disabled totally talented friends I’ll be okay. As my dad says, “Writing is the way out.”

I purposely only read first drafts at our reading because it was “my way of crying in public in front of people I admire.”

Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible! I’m in love with each of you.

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