My Tree

I wanted to show you a few ornaments from my tree which is basically a love letter to my husband.

Here is a recent, professional pictures of our girls. They are our world.
We saw Dr Phil live one year. We were sitting in the studio audience when Dr Phil looks at me — and I mean he LOOKS at me. Longingly. There was a break between shows and we all changed seats and I told Matthew what happend. There was nothing I could say that would make him believe me. The next show started and we were sitting in different seats but Dr Phil’s gaze found me and there it was – the LOOK! Matt said, ”I see it. I see it.”

Ticket stubs from ballgames and museums with little love notes on the back..
Felt animals..
Our newest ornament.
Little memories.. This one is of Matthew getting up early on a weekend to carry a beetle to the park.
It’s Prison Mike from my husbands favorite tv show The Office.

That’s my tree tour! Happy holidays!

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