The Haunted Room

Because of my eccentricities (including a mental illness or two) I’ll never be a reliable narrative when it comes to the world of ghosts and aliens.

However, my bedroom is haunted.

I hear music playing in it all the time and when I leave the room to see if it’s a neighbor blasting their jams, the music stops. Once, Matt heard the music, too. He searched the room for the cause of it, thinking it was coming from my phone, but nope – ghost!

Last night after getting up to use the bathroom I saw a dark figure walk from my left to the foot of the bed. He was all darkness with the outline, defining his shape, of stars. He reminded me of a friend from high school so I didn’t panic, I just watched him softly shifting his weight until I fell asleep again. When I woke up, he was gone.

I’m aware that all of my other issues make this a pretty unbelievable story. When Elro was a baby we were taking a bath and she, way too early for her age, said in a monotone voice: “Hello.” I freaked out. What if I had a demon baby? No one would believe me and I’d be locked up if I said anything. So, I’d have to try to live in harmony with my demon baby, try to keep it from doing anything too dastardly. Thankfully neither she or her sister were possessed. Crisis averted.


Bad news. It wasn’t a ghost, I’m hallucinating. I saw two figures last night. Nobodies room is that haunted. I don’t remember the first one, but I know I shone my cellphones light on it and it disappeared. The second figure was a skinny man – lanky – with glasses, sitting in a chair. I took a long time to really look at him. He was fidgeting. I shone my cellphone’s light at him and he disappeared, chair and all.


Hallucination number four was the upper half of a basketball player, in uniform. He was floating on the ceiling and had to do a move like he was swimming in the air to stay up there. My husband walked in. “Do you see that?” I asked. “I see the smoke detector,” he replied. “Oh,” I said, “So you don’t see that man swimming across the ceiling?” Because one look at my husband and the basketball player made his way across the room. There are different theories as to why this is happening. One, I’m super stressed. My 3 year old daughter was exposed to covid and we can’t find any tests for her. Two, I’m not on enough seroquel. Possibility. Three, I take my ambien at a weird time. Everyday at 6:30 I take it and don’t pay attention to how much food I eat or anything. My father says that just taking the ambien with food can cause hallucinations.

Now I have to go off the ambien 😦 and up on the seroquel to try and catch some zzz’s.

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